Marketing for Union Clients

Association professionnelle des technologistes médicaux du Québec (APTMQ)

Wrote press releases and organized press conferences. Conceived, planned and implemented a province-wide campaign promoting the profession of laboratory technician. Created union newspaper advertisements. Produced union promotional videos.

Canadian Association of Air Traffic Controllers (CATCA)

Acted as a marketing/media consultant during bargaining of the union's first collective agreement with NAV Canada.

Canadian Auto Workers (CAW)

Participated in a campaign regarding the plant closing of Kenworth/Paccar in Ste-Thérèse.

Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN)

Planned and prepared an extensive research survey and developed a strategic plan to recruit new members. Counselled the legal department on the business effects of "negative" public relations and advertising.

Fédération des affaires sociales (FAS)

Created a union newspaper advertisement.

National Arts Center Orcherstra, American Federation of Musicians, local 180 (NACO)

Acted as a marketing/media consultant during negotiations for the renewal of the orchestra's collective agreement.

National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET)

Prepared and wrote a strategic plan for the Quebec region.

National Federation of Nurses' Unions (NFNU)

Created a union advertisement and a promotional pamphlet. Formulated a strategic plan for the federation.

Office and Professional Employees International Union, local 57 (QFL) (OPEIU)

Counselled the union in a campaign against a company union.

Rassemblement des techniciens ambulanciers du Québec (RETAQ)

Compiled and analyzed a survey on work attitudes, as well as one on union militancy prior to negotiations.

Syndicat des techniciens et artisans du réseau français (STARF)

Conceived and administered a survey of the membership and wrote a plan to strengthen the union.

Syndicat des techniciennes et techniciens du cinéma et de la vidéo du Québec (STCVQ)

Recruited a director general and a union adviser. Formulated a strategic plan to strengthen the union.

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